Harvey Specter Harvey Specter as Gabriel Macht

Harvey Specter

Gabriel Macht

How do you become New York City's best closer? You don't play by the rules. Harvey Specter has built a career and reputation by breaking the rules. Whether it's picking up cocktail waitresses, inspiring witnesses or bullying CEOs, Harvey's shoot-from-the-hip style has made him an effective lawyer and a slick character. But has Harvey forgotten why he got into law? Hiring Mike Ross as his associate might have been his best decision yet. With Mike taking on the low-profile pro bono cases, Harvey will rediscover what makes justice so sweet.

Donna Paulsen Donna Paulsen as Sarah Rafferty

Donna Paulsen

Sarah Rafferty

Don't let her title fool you. Donna may be Harvey's executive assistant, but she's one of the most formidable minds at Pearson Hardman. With her razor sharp wit and knowledge of all the comings and goings at the firm, Donna is admired and feared by both associates and partners alike, and she's not afraid to wield that power when it suits her needs. Having been with Harvey since his days in the D.A.'s office, Donna keeps the fine machinery of his life well oiled and is privy to all his secrets - including the truth about Mike. But even though she likes to keep the young associate on his toes, Donna is a trusted ally who Mike can turn to when the going truly gets rough. And at a firm like Pearson Hardman, that happens a lot.

Louis Litt Louis Litt as Rick Hoffman

Louis Litt

Rick Hoffman

Harvey Specter's toughest opponent in law may be just down the hall. Louis Litt is a talented, yet bitter lawyer. He makes Mike Ross feel right at home by putting the pressure on him to pull his weight. Power hungry, Louis isn't happy to hear that Harvey is receiving a promotion to senior partner over him. Louis will take out his wrath on Mike Ross or any other person

Jessica Pearson Jessica Pearson as Gina Torres

Jessica Pearson

Gina Torres

Jessica Pearson can be your best enemy or your worst friend. Her name didn't get on the firm Pearson Harden because she's soft. As Harvey Specter's boss, Jessica will constantly take him to task over his ethics and tactics. But Jessica is more than Harvey's boss. She's someone who will stand next to him when he needs her most.

Mike Ross Mike Ross as Patrick J. Adams

Mike Ross

Patrick J. Adams

The most brilliant lawyer in New York City doesn't even have a degree. Mike Ross has gone from drug dealing and helping law students cheat on the bar to one of the most prestigious firms in New York City. Mike made the leap by impressing Harvey with his quick wit and photographic memory when he literally stumbled into the interview. But now that Mike has actually joined the firm as Harvey's associate, he's going to need more than his wunderkind ability to survive in high-profile law's cutthroat world. He'll also need Harvey's wisdom and guidance. With a grandmother whose medical bills are piling up and a past that is still hounding him, Mike must prove his worth at the new firm with his first big case. And to win Harvey's approval, he'll need to put his genius, charisma and street smarts to the test.

Rachel Zane Rachel Zane as Meghan Markle

Rachel Zane

Meghan Markle

Rachel Zane is not your ordinary paralegal. She may not be skilled at taking tests, but she knows Pearson Harden inside and out. She'll be Mike's guide through the jungle of New York City law. Her research skills are a key asset for Mike as he navigates his way through the tough cases Harvey hands him. It doesn't hurt that she's also beautiful.



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