Perry Mattfeld Perry Mattfeld as Murphy

Perry Mattfeld


A hard-living, hard-drinking, disaffected twenty-something with a penchant for cigarettes and casual sex. She is also blind.

Brooke Markham Brooke Markham as Jess

Brooke Markham


Murphy's understanding roommate and best friend. A well-meaning, nurturing veterinarian who is somewhat overly protective of Murphy, much to Murphy’s occasional irritation.

Keston John Keston John as Darnell

Keston John


Tyson's cousin and a local drug dealer who believes that Murphy is a sloppy, blind white girl who is imagining things. He grows fonder of her and eventually joins Murphy in her quest for justice.

Derek Webster Derek Webster as Hank

Derek Webster


Joy's husband, an earnest, well-intentioned man who never loses patience with his daughter, no matter how wildly and irresponsibly she behaves.

Kathleen York Kathleen York as Joy

Kathleen York


Murphy's joyless, cynical mother, who has given up hope that Murphy will ever make anything of her life.



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