Jerry O'Connell Jerry O'Connell as Harley Carter

Jerry O'Connell

Harley Carter

Charismatic, brilliant and a little bit spoiled, Harley can charm his way through any situation. He is an instinctive detective, but several years of playing one on TV has honed these natural skills to a fine point. Throw in his skills as an actor and you have a sleuth to be reckoned with. Harley has a deep loyalty to his best friends, Sam Shaw and Dave Leigh, but this season his old romantic feelings for his lifelong best friend Sam puts him in the middle of a triangle with Sam and the mysterious new chief of police, Joyce Warwick Boyle. In our main trio, Harley is the ego.

Sydney Poitier Heartsong Sydney Poitier Heartsong as Sam Shaw

Sydney Poitier Heartsong

Sam Shaw

Sam Shaw is smart, tough and fiercely protective of her town and her friends. This season, Sam is still loving solving mysteries with her two best buddies but she is also starting to wonder where her life is going. A visit from her wilder, younger sister ignites a feeling in Sam that maybe her life could use a little shake up. Complicating matters is the fact that she and Harley have always shared a certain spark that, for many, many reasons, has never gone full flame. And now the old Chief of Police has been replaced by a younger, handsome man. A handsome man who is falling for Sam Shaw. Is he the shakeup Sam is looking for? In our trio, Sam is the muscle. The rock.

Kristian Bruun Kristian Bruun as Dave Leigh

Kristian Bruun

Dave Leigh

On the outside, Dave Leigh is the witty, sarcastic third member of our trio but inside, he is a marshmallow. Dave was the most hurt by Harley leaving for Los Angeles but also the happiest to see him return. He is also struggling with his place in the world. Dave channels these insecurities into taking DNA tests to learn about his ancestry, into trying to meet a nice girl (with mixed results), and into researching the questionable past of Chief Boyle. Oh, he also discovers the healing power of nudity. Dave is the heart of the trio.

Lyriq Bent Lyriq Bent as Chief Joyce Boyle

Lyriq Bent

Chief Joyce Boyle

Chief Joyce Boyle is all quiet strength and charisma. He is clearly hiding something about his mysterious past but he also appears to be a decent man and an above average cop. His quiet confidence is the perfect foil to Harley's larger than life dramatics. Boyle is a product of the foster system and does not trust easily. Except with Sam who he immediately recognizes as the same kind of cop as him. And he might be seeing more than that. By the end of the second season, Boyle will discover that he has more in common with Harley than he would have ever thought, and it's not all professional.



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