In The Dark Recap: How To Succeed In Business Without Really Dying, With Your Host Murphy Mason

By Corrina | Thursday, 30 July 2020
Has Dean ever stooped so low? Actually, yes. There was that time he had his partner taken out by Nia’s people, after all. This week, however, he aims to outdo his own personal best/worst by pulling every string he can to ruin Murphy and arrest Nia.
First, he drags his own teenage daughter out of bed and forces her to lie to Murphy about the switched canes. That way, Dean can keep his knowledge of the way Murphy’s been smuggling drugs to Max a secret. His hope is that she’ll try it again in the future. But when the drugs (bought by Murphy and Felix from an interim supplier) don’t match Nia’s trademark formula, Dean decides to use Max’s love for Murphy against both of them—otherwise, he loses his job, his livelihood, and his chance at revenge. We know he’s already in hot water with both his Chief and Chloe’s school (where he hasn’t paid tuition in months).


Desperation is driving Dean, but it’s driving Murphy and Felix, too. Murphy is frantic to get out from under Nia’s thumb, thinking that it’s the only way to get Jess to return to Chicago. Jess, we’d wager, isn’t itching to get back, however. She’s enamoured with small town life—and her recent engagement.
Murphy pushes ahead, however, thinking she can pull off Darnell’s original plan to sell out Nia to Josiah. After she convinces Nia to temporarily move her entire stash to Guiding Hope, Murphy finally gets Josiah’s attention (his vile request that she strip down to nothing didn’t seem to do it). Nia’s rival agrees to go in with a team, grab the drugs, drive Nia out of town (or worse), and let Murphy and Felix get on with their lives. It almost sounds simple.
It isn’t. Murphy and Josh have finally given in to their mutual attraction and hooked up. That’s how she knew about the impending raid on Nia’s shipment—she used Josh’s IRS intel to convince Nia that Guiding Hope was the best place for her heroin. Another romantic entanglement with law enforcement isn’t exactly what Murphy needs right now… especially since the charges against Max have been dropped (step one in Dean’s plan) and Max is being cajoled into wearing a wire and getting Murphy to testify against Nia. We know Max isn't the most solid of guys, but a wire? That’s pretty low.
Max’s timing sucks, too. Murphy has just admitted her feelings for Josh after hooking up with him (several times). It’s during a quick trip home to grab her birth control when she runs into Max and every word they say to each other is transmitted to a police van parked outside, because unknown to Murphy, Max has made a deal.
Suddenly, we jump forward in time four hours… to Murphy bruised and bloody and Felix panicked and a body wrapped up on the floor. Is it finally Ben’s time?
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