In The Dark Recap: Codependence Day, An Anti-Celebration

By Corrina | Thursday, 23 July 2020
As predicted, Murphy’s friendship with Jess has been badly—perhaps irreparably—damaged because of the secrets she’s been keeping from her. But there’s more to it than that: Jess has come to a realization that her relationship with Murphy is codependent to the point that it’s hurting them both. Ultimately, she decides that her only option is to leave Chicago, but her exit doesn’t go down the way we would have predicted. Jess doesn’t leave town alone… and the person she brings with her comes with some serious baggage.
We can’t really blame Jess for going. The day leading up to her departure follows the night when Guiding Hope is robbed and Josiah ends up with Nia’s stash of heroin. In order to keep Nia from finding out about the robbery, Jess is forced to drive Murphy to Grand Rapids to buy enough heroin to cover the day’s drop at the women’s prison. Felix can’t come—he’s busy being held and questioned by the police thanks to the fingerprints he left behind while trying to get Nia’s drugs out of the mobile grooming truck. It’s complicated.
After Jess and Murphy score $1000 worth of heroin (courtesy of Ben’s connection ... no surprises there), Jess runs out of gas and she and Murphy finally have it out. Jess tells her that their friendship is toxic. And that it isn’t helping either of them. When they finally make it back to Guiding Hope, they’re greeted by Darnell and the news that Nia’s stash is gone for good. Darnell, however, has decided that he’s the one who’ll go down for the missing heroin. He’s going to confess that he took it… to Nia… his sister. It’s a secret he’s been keeping for a long time, and it looks as though Sam didn’t even know they’re related.
Darnell sends Murphy to tell Nia the concocted story, showing up just as she’s leaving so that he can face the music. But while both Murphy and Darnell thought that their strategy would make Nia turn away from Guiding Hope for good, she instead decides to double down, promising to send Murphy more heroin as soon as her new supply is delivered. Damn.


The good news is that Murphy hasn’t been busted trying to sneak heroin into a federal prison… yet. When Dean (credit: Gene) figures out that she used her cane to deliver drugs to Max, he sets up a sting, ready to pounce on the pair. It doesn’t work. That’s because when Chloe visited Murphy at Guiding Hope to confront her about being mean to Dean, they two accidentally switched canes. That left Chloe lost on the subway with a cane full of heroin (which Dean later finds) and Murphy in the prison with Chole’s (blissfully) empty cane. Dean’s been foiled once again, but how long can Murphy’s streak of luck last?
The question is especially relevant considering Jess’ puffy paint note telling her bestie that she needs to leave town. On her way out of Chicago, Jess stops by Sterling’s to return her jacket but ends up asking Sterling to leave with her. The two take to the road, tossing their phones out onto the freeway as they drive.
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