In The Dark Recap: Smuggling The Straw That Broke The Camel’s Back

By Corrina | Thursday, 16 July 2020
It’s been 12 hours and Jess still hasn’t said a word to Murphy. Nor is she talking to Felix. Things are bad, and when you’re hiding a massive stash of heroin belonging to one of Chicago’s most powerful dealers, they’re basically guaranteed to get worse.
And they do. When the key to Jess’ medicine cabinet magically reappears, she goes to check on her supply of veterinary drugs and finds that her opioids are gone. Knowing about Murphy and Felix’s entree into the world of drug peddling, she accuses them of taking the medicines. Of course they didn’t, and of course Ben did. But when Felix confronts him, he denies it and takes Felix on one hell of a guilt trip. Honestly, this guy can’t be dealt with soon enough. The only question now is who’ll get to do the honours?
Darnell brings Murphy and Felix into his plan to take down Nia, telling them that all they have to do is… nothing. That means refusing to do any further drops until Darnell can convince Nia to move her stash out of Guiding Hope. But when Murphy finds out that the drugs have been going to Max (and that the halt in the supply chain has earned him another trip to the infirmary), she takes matters into her own hands/cane. When Pretzel is barred from entering the prison, Murphy slides the heroin into her hollow cane and gets it to Max, guaranteeing him another week of life behind bars—as opposed to a one-way ticket to the morgue. There’s no way she can keep this up though, especially since Dean has made sure that the prison guard staff is on high alert when it comes to anyone visiting Max Parish.
Murphy ends up infuriating Darnell while accidentally winning over Nia, who seems to want her on her team in a bigger capacity. This isn’t really the promotion Murphy had been aiming for when she dropped off drugs to Max—she just wanted to keep him alive. Now Nia wants her to continue to bring drugs to the prison while also doing drops at a local women’s facility. Because that won’t look suspicious at all.
Murphy’s heartbreak over Max, however, seems small in comparison to the relationship drama (both past and present) that Jess is subjected to in this episode. Not only does Sterling dump her at work (!!!), but when Jess phones up her ex for some moral support, she ends up getting yelled at for her past mistakes instead. When Murphy gets home that night, Jess has decided that they can’t live together for the foreseeable future, so Murphy returns to Guiding Hope to crash on the couch. Her timing couldn’t be worse. When Darnell pays her a visit there, he’s followed by one of Josiah’s team members. It looks like the raid on Nia’s latest stash house is imminent.
Now that Ben knows about them (and is blackmailing Felix) and Josiah knows about them, Nia’s stash is no longer safe. Things are about to go south at high speed.

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