In The Dark Recap: The Truth Hurts As Much As The Lies

By Corrina | Thursday, 09 July 2020
Murphy and Felix are about to find out that the lies they’ve been telling to protect Jess have actually put her in terrible danger. Sam setting up Sterling to get close to Jess so that she can funnel intel to Nia hasn’t worked out so well, as it seems as though Sterling is developing feelings for Jess. Sam suspects it… and she doesn’t like it.
When Sterling goes to see Jess early one morning, Sam’s jealousy gets the best of her and she tells Nia that she wants to move their stash out of Guiding Hope. Instead, Nia decides that Jess isn’t trustworthy (otherwise, why would her two closest friends hide so much from her?) and that Sam needs to “take care of her.”
Just when it looks like Jess’ number is up, one of Josiah’s guys (Trey, the one who’s tight with Darnell) shows up at the cleaners and fires at Nia. She’s hit, and it looks pretty bad. Jess moves to make her escape, but when Nia begs her for help, she stays. It’s a thing only Jess would do. She and Sam (the woman who was about to ‘take care’ of her) take Nia (the woman who ordered her to be taken care of) to Guiding Hope. There, Jess operates on her as best she can—making full use of her vet equipment and the stash of heroin in the bathroom. Why heroin? Because Jess can’t find the key to her medicine cabinet. Did Ben steal it? We’re betting on it.
Blissfully unaware of what her BFF is going through, Murphy spends the evening with Josh, first teaching him how to use puffy pens to mark his files, then showing him an app that can read paper documents... then trying to photograph his Nia file. The last part doesn’t work because just as Murphy is about to get some much-needed alone time with Josh’s file cabinet, Chloe calls to say she’s drunk and hiding in a closet at a high school party.
Will Murphy come pick her up? Of course she will. After dropping a slightly drunk Chloe off at home, Murphy runs into Dean who yells at her for no reason, though she does end up getting the last word in. Dean is going to have some explaining to do once Chloe finally agrees to speak to him again.
Dean’s day wasn’t a complete failure, though. Just as Felix had finished shopping for lasagna ingredients and was about to do his drug drop off, Dean and Gene pull up to the grocery store loading dock and arrest Felix’s contact for trafficking and possession. It’s a close call for Felix, but the situation is far worse for Max. He’s known to his fellow inmates as the guy with the drugs… they won’t be happy to hear that his supply won’t be getting replenished this week.
Following Jess’ harrowing day with Sam and Nia, she arrives home to find Murphy hanging out on the sofa. She’s so upset she can barely speak to her, but she lets her know how devastating Murphy’s lies have turned out to be: they almost cost Jess her life. Jess goes to her room, locking Murphy out. The next morning, Murphy is still camped out by Jess’ door and Jess still won’t talk to her. She decides she has to do something… so she calls Darnell and tells him she’s ready to play ball. Together, they’re going to take Nia down. 
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