In The Dark Recap: The Unusual Suspects And The Usual Secrets

By Corrina | Thursday, 02 July 2020
If we know one thing about Jess, it’s that she hates to feel left out. If we know one thing about Murphy, it’s that she hates dealing with other people’s feelings. It’s impressive that they’ve stayed friends and roommates for so long.
Once again, Jess’ feelings of insecurity come up against Murphy’s inability to deal with them as Guiding Hope is turned into a heroin warehouse. And although Murphy has filled Felix in on her deal with Nia, she can’t bring herself to tell Jess, who’s pinned her hopes on a way out of the money laundering situation via the FBI. But you can’t call in the Feds when you’re storing, delivering, and managing a shocking amount of narcotics inside your guide dog school.
And so Murphy and Felix decide that lying to Jess is the best strategy while the two of them become bumbling first-time drug dealers. All the while, Dean is trying to come up with more dirt on Max’s involvement with Nia–which leads everyone to the food-truck-turned-grooming-mobile parked in the Guiding Hope driveway. Murphy had imagined that allowing her parents’ former business to become Nia’s new stash house would be enough to save Max from certain death (if not from certain behind-bars drug dealing for his old boss). But it turns out that Nia had some additional services in mind. While Murphy is educating Josh (remember IRS Josh?) on how to reconfigure his phone in light of his failing eyesight, she gets a call demanding that she and Felix take care of a delivery. Of heroin. That afternoon.
Murphy manages to put Josh off until later, agreeing to meet up with him at her local so that she can show him some more smartphone tricks. She then grabs Felix and the pair head out in the grooming truck to do their first drop. It goes… badly. Darnell sees them and realizes where Nia is hiding her heroin. Also, when they return to Guiding Hope, Felix decides to leave the drugs in the truck. Moments later, it’s impounded by the cops (guys, Dean sucks). Now Murphy and Felix have to sneak into the impound lot to get the drugs back before the police find them. Remember: they’re still keeping this all a secret from Jess. And Jess is not liking it.
For a moment it looks as though Dean has gained the upper hand, busting Murphy, Felix, and Pretzel inside the truck. Luckily, pat-downs turn up nothing. They should have frisked Pretzel. The Golden Retriever can now add ‘drug mule’ to his already impressive resume. With the drugs once again stowed safely in a bathroom vent at Guiding Hope, Felix and Murphy can relax for half a minute, as a treat… at least until Murphy meets Josh at the bar and accidentally discovers the fact that he, too, is investigating Nia. If you think that’s messy, just wait until Jess finds out that Sterling is actually Sam’s girlfriend.
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