In The Dark Recap: Murphy Bargains With Nia In Deal Me In

By Corrina | Thursday, 25 June 2020
Desperate times call for desperate alliances… and Murphy has made a deal with a very dangerous ally. After Dean extracts information from Max regarding the whereabouts of Nia’s stash house, he fails to hold up his end of the deal. Instead of transferring Max to an out of state prison as promised, he leaves him to suffer whatever fate Nia has arranged for him behind bars (a shiv to the gut, as it turns out). Murphy, naturally, is incensed. With Max barely speaking to her (he knows Jess and Felix have his money), she took a big risk in begging him to trust Dean. Now that the cops (surprise, surprise) have let her down, Murphy has just one person to turn to: Nia.
While Murphy makes her deal with one of Chicago’s biggest crime bosses, Darnell is cutting a deal of his own. Max’s arrest means Nia knows that Darnell didn’t go through with her order to kill him. Nia requests a conversation with Darnell, which basically just amounts to her telling him he’s back in her employ now. Darnell doesn’t argue. Instead, he sets into motion a plan to take Nia out entirely—by handing her secrets over to her biggest competitor, Josiah.
Josiah, however, is a total psychopath, and we’re a bit worried about how Darnell will fare in his partnership with him. Remember how casually he shot one of his own guys? That was next-level cold. Unfortunately, Darnell’s first mission to ruin Nia doesn’t go quite as planned. Using a trio of Josiah’s men as backup, they hit up her stash house only to see that Dean and the police (acting on Max’s intel) have arrived first. Someone, however, got there ahead of them, too. Dean realizes what’s happened immediately. Nia was tipped off. So where did she move the drugs to?
That’s where her deal with Murphy comes in. Not only is Guiding Hope a place for Nia to funnel cash through, it’s now a storage unit… for a lot of illegal narcotics. That, however, is the price Murphy is willing to pay to get Nia to call off her prison hitman and keep Max safe.
Luckily, everyone else is having a far better day than Max and Murphy. Oh, wait. No, they aren’t. Felix stole money from Nia so that he could take Chelsea out for a fancy dinner (and have sex for the first time since Obama was president—yikes), and Nia somehow knows. This leads to one of her henchmen cornering Felix in the restaurant bathroom and dunking his head (repeatedly) in the toilet. It kind of ruins the mood, and Felix has to walk out on Chelsea just as the clothing starts to come off. In a not-so-subtle allusion to sex, Felix then heads to the firing range, realizing that once he’s able to fire his gun, he’ll be able to… well, you get the point. On the bright side, Jess and Sterling have made things official.
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