In The Dark Recap: Son Of A Gun And Felix’s Mom

By Corrina | Friday, 19 June 2020
There’s trouble at Guiding Hope, and this time it comes in the form of two IRS criminal investigators. We knew that $10k withdrawal Jess made wouldn’t go unnoticed. That plus the fact that the not-for-profit seems to be suddenly rolling in, well, profit, has rung the alarm at the Internal Revenue Service.
And so Josh and his investigative partner show up at Guiding Light to question Murphy, Jess, and Felix. While the three are less than convincing, Josh’s partner is somehow convinced and she ushers him out the door, leaving Murphy and her colleagues extremely relieved… until Josh comes back, sans partner.
Claiming he’s interested in having his dog groomed, Josh leaves his adorable canine in the capable hands of Jess and the new girl, a veteran PetSmart groomer called Sterling (who also happens to be the object of Jess’ burning crush). It turns out, however, that the grooming truck is far from equipped to deal with customers. Also, Sterling never actually worked at PetSmart. The groom doesn’t go well for the dog, but it does go well for Jess, who gets to make out with the object of her affection. Score.
While Jess and Sterling are grooming Josh’s dog (badly), Murphy is fielding more of his questions about the business. She remains cagey with her answers until she starts to think that Josh returned to Guiding Hope because he wants to sleep with her. He doesn’t. And so things go from awkward to incredibly freaking awkward very quickly. Luckily, Felix (for once the level-headed one) insists that Murphy go apologize. When she does, she discovers that Josh wasn’t lurking around Guiding Hope because he was still suspicious about their finances (although he totally should be), but because he’s progressively losing his eyesight and he was hoping to meet someone who knows what it’s like to be blind.


As all this is going on, Max is trying to escape Chicago and disappear with the aid of a fake passport. When he goes to retrieve his cache of money, though, he finds his hiding place empty. With only $300 to his name, he decides to camp out in his car until his new ID is ready—which is when he’s confronted by a cop. Knowing what running his license through a database could lead to, Max runs. He manages to evade the police until Dean (with help from Gene) catches up to him at another hotel.
When Max and Dean get stuck in an elevator post-arrest, it looks like Max might go free. Dean makes a deal with him: if he hands over certain critical information about Nia’s operation, Dean will help him get out of the country. Gene has other plans. As soon as the elevator goes back into service, Gene is waiting there, with backup, to bring Max to justice (a.k.a. a jail cell). The only thing more painful than seeing Max sent to prison this week was watching Felix negotiate with his mother for a gun. Shudder.
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