In The Dark Recap: Murphy Keeps Secrets In Cross My Heart And Hope To Lie

By Corrina | Friday, 12 June 2020
Max is back (we knew he couldn’t stay away). Even with both Nia and the cops after him, Max had to return to see Murphy. If we ever questioned his love for her, we sure don’t now. After surprising her at her local… uh, public toilet, he convinces her to meet him at the motel he’s hiding out at—which is where the real reunion takes place (that was innuendo, FYI). Murphy keeps the hookup a secret from Jess, which is why Jess begins to suspect that something’s up almost immediately. Since when does Murphy not want to talk about her latest conquest?
While revealing Max’s return would put him at risk, not revealing it puts Murphy herself in danger. If her friends don't know what she’s up to, how can they step in if she needs help? Luckily, Jess’ natural affinity for snooping leads her to discover what her friend has been up to (and who she’s been getting down with) in time to warn Murphy that Dean, now assigned to the drug squad, is after her and Max, too.
After Dean shows up at Guiding Hope (once again, his incompetency is being propped up by a partner who’s a far better cop than he is), Jess goes on a mission to protect her friend. Max and Murphy manage to evade Dean once, but thanks to his partner’s competent police work, Dean finds out where they’ve gone. Following Jess’ advice, Murphy tells Max that she can’t be with him, knowing that it’s the only way he’ll leave town. Luckily, he does just that before Dean finds him.
Dean isn’t the only person trailing Max, however. Nia has also sent Darnell after him, saying that getting rid of Max (in the permanent sense) is Darnell’s only way out of his obligations to her. But because Darnell had been keeping his relationship with Jules a secret, Nia doesn’t know enough to keep the fact that she was behind Jules’ murder from him. Her admission doesn’t do much to strengthen his loyalty to her, and so when he does come face to face with Max, he tells him to disappear instead of ‘disappearing’ him.
This week’s drama wasn’t limited to Max and Murphy alone. Felix has been studying up on how to launder money for Nia and realizes that if he, Jess, and Murphy have even the smallest chance of getting away with it, he’ll have to fire Hank and Joy… and start up a mobile grooming business. Neither situation is going to be pretty.
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