In The Dark Recap: This Season, It’s All About The Benjamin

By Corrina | Friday, 05 June 2020
Murphy certainly knows how to do a reunion right. When we first reconnect with her in the premiere episode of In The Dark’s second season, she’s standing under a festive disco ball and her face (less festively) is splattered in blood. This is going to require some serious explaining. Immediately, we flash back an entire month (or, in lockdown time, an eon) to Murphy recovering in the hospital from the car crash she justifiably caused.
Dean is there, too—only his medical treatment includes being handcuffed to his hospital bed. Murphy has handed over her phone and with it the recording of his confession (thank goodness for the cloud). Finally, she feels like she’s found justice for her murdered teenage pal, Tyson---but that feeling quickly evaporates. While Murphy is checking herself out of the hospital to confer with Felix and Jess about Nia trying to launder money through Guiding Hope, Dean sweet talks the Chief of Police into un-arresting him. Because of consent laws in Illinois, the recording Murphy made of his confession is useless. If the police go public with the story, they’ll look bad and ineffective and Dean will go free.
In exchange for keeping the story under wraps (and deleting the recording), Dean offers to serve up Nia… who he’s been working with all along. Good luck with that, Dean. The deal, however, gets Darnell released from prison, but it isn’t exactly a happy ending. He heads home to see Jules and finds her dead. The police rule it a suicide, but Darnell isn’t buying it. To him, it looks like the setup we all know it to be.
Meanwhile, Murphy, Felix, and Jess decide to give back the $100,000 they took from Nia. It means that Guiding Hope will cease to exist, but it also means they won’t go to prison for laundering cash for Nia’s criminal enterprise. Using the same locker key that Nia once gave Dean, they deposit the cash in a subway station locker—only to have it reappear at Guiding Hope courtesy of Nia’s right hand, Sam. Apparently Nia isn’t about to take ‘no’ for an answer. The trio then decides that their only option is to turn to the police, so Felix and Jess head to the station while Murphy makes a quick pit stop back at the hospital.
That’s where she discovers that Dean has been released from police custody. He’s a free man… once he’s been unhooked from the IV drip he’s on. Murphy is outraged and it takes a minute for the penny to drop: if the cops are covering for Dean, they can’t be trusted to take down Nia. Just as Felix and Jess are about to report Nia, Murphy barges in and stops the interview. For now, they’ll have to make things work with Ms. Bailey. Which, says Murphy, means they’ll need a new receptionist (she’s not about to sit around answering the phones while Felix and Jess play detective). That’s when their bartender/frenemy Chelsea steps in, offering up her brother Ben for the job. When we jump ahead again in time, it’s Ben on the floor with a bloodied Murphy standing above him.

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