Killing Eve Recap: Eve And Villanelle Get One Last Dance In Are You Leading Or Am I?

By Corrina | Sunday, 31 May 2020
It’s not working out between Villanelle and the Twelve. She hasn’t found happiness in her new role as a Keeper-in-name-only and has lost the desire to kill indiscriminately---now she only kills when she’s mad at someone (RIP Rhian and Dasha). Her continuing search for a way out leads her (duh) back to Eve… via a tango club somewhere in London. But before they can decide whether or not they can make a go of it together, Hélène’s other assassin, Rhian, shows up to tell Villanelle that their boss would like to speak with her. Villanelle sends Eve on an errand while she deals with Rhian.
It’s immediately obvious that the two professional killers will never make it to the meeting with Hélène. While they wait for their train, Villanelle makes fun of Rhian’s clothing, goading her into a fight. A little aggression from Rhian is all she needs as motivation. Rhian ends up dead on the tracks and Villanelle decides to skip her meeting and link up with Eve again.
Meanwhile, Eve is across town visiting a bookie who keeps a safety deposit box for Konstantin. In it, she finds a matryoshka made in the likeness of Russia’s most famous leaders. It seems worthless, but a run-in with Konstantin (who has, against doctor’s orders, freed himself from his hospital bed in Scotland to return to London) reveals that there’s a barcode carved into the doll. The barcode is the key to another box containing the passports, money, and spare toothbrushes Konstantin plans on using to get him and his daughter to Cuba.
But first, a detour---several, actually. Villanelle pops by the Bitter Pill office thinking that’s where she’ll find Eve. She doesn’t, but she does manage to scare the hell out of the entire staff. Eve isn’t there because she’s with Konstantin, who has received a call from Paul demanding that he come over. It gets even more complicated. Paul says he knows that it’s Konstantin who’s stolen the money from the Twelve---and Paul might suspect that, but the real reason he’s calling is because Carolyn is standing in his living room, pointing a gun at his head.
Earlier that day, Carolyn (after expelling Geraldine from her home for good) had stopped by the Bitter Pill office to look at some footage that Bear’s candycam had captured. The film shows Kenny on the day he died—heading up to the roof with Konstantin. Carolyn’s plan is to lure Konstantin to Paul’s house and shoot him (and perhaps Paul, too). The climax of the episode sees Carolyn, Paul, Konstantin, Eve, and Villanelle together in Paul’s sitting room while Konstantin pleads his case. He claims that the Twelve found out about Kenny’s investigation into their organization and his choice was to join them or die. Kenny panicked, says Konstantin, and fell from the roof.
Carolyn makes Konstantin kneel and puts her gun to his forehead, but in the end it’s Paul she kills, letting Konstantin make his escape with the matryoshka. Eve and Villanelle leave too, to have “the conversation” about their future. And just when it looks like the pair are about to say goodbye forever, Eve and Villanelle turn back towards each other.
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