Killing Eve Recap: ‘Piss Off Forever’ Or ‘End Of Game’

By Corrina | Sunday, 17 May 2020
Love doesn’t always last. Especially when the recipient of your love has just been pitchforked through the neck and left for dead by a former Soviet gymnast and excommunicated KGB agent.
That would be Dasha, of course, who we were certain had managed to kill Niko on that farm back in Poland. But no, Niko is alive and… not well, but alive and in a hospital in London with Eve at his bedside. Although, not for long. Shortly after her arrival, Niko tells Eve to “piss off… forever.” It’s not an amusing sentiment, but it does sound funny coming out of a computer. Did we mention that Niko just had a pitchfork pulled out of his throat?
Only somewhat daunted by the rejection, Eve continues to pursue theories about who could have done this to Niko. And while Dasha designed the attack to frame Villanelle and drive a wedge between her and Eve, Eve isn’t buying it. Back at the Bitter Pill offices she sifts through the evidence, suspecting that Villanelle was actually in Lyon murdering Charles Krueger’s wife (on an off-the-books mission for Konstantin). Without even knowing the connection between Dasha and Villanelle beyond the chalk/spice kill similarities, she immediately suspects Dasha of attacking Niko and decides to track her down.
Villanelle has been dealing with her own set of disappointments. At a meeting with Hélène, a representative for The Twelve, she’s told that her promotion has gone through—but beyond a bump in pay and some material perks, the upgrade is practically meaningless. Villanelle thought she’d be giving orders, but instead she was given a symbolic title change. She’s a Keeper… with no one to keep. Despite her protests, Villanelle goes ahead with her next assignment, to take out a Romanian politician before a talk show appearance. Chalk it up to her heart not being in it anymore: Villanelle is sloppy and she gets stabbed during the altercation. She goes home to lick her wounds, give herself stitches, and brood about a way to break up with The Twelve for good.
Enter: Konstantin. He’s been planning to leave for some time now and has landed on Cuba as a hiding spot. He tells Villanelle that he’s taking Irina with him and that they’ll send for her once it’s safe. Villanelle doesn’t buy it, so she talks Irina into skipping school and eventually tricks her into spilling the beans regarding their destination. Konstantin had been moving slowly towards this exit when a visit from Paul speeds things up… a lot. Paul, who also works for The Twelve (Carolyn was right!), knows about the missing money and has deduced that whoever had Charles Krueger’s wife killed is the person who stole it. He charges Konstantin with finding that person. Of course, as we know, that person is Konstantin.

Konstantin has had a bit of a rough week. Between trying to manage the expectations of both Villanelle and his daughter and dealing with Carolyn and her daughter (what is going on between him and Geraldine?!) he almost deserves that Cuban vacation. But while he might get away from The Twelve for a time, we can’t imagine him successfully avoiding Carolyn (who knows he spoke to Kenny right before his death) or Villanelle (who wants in on the Cuban family getaway).
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