The Handmaid's Tale

How Well Do You Know The Handmaid's Tale?

By Adina | Thursday, 30 May 2019
Season 3 of The Handmaid’s Tale is coming up very soon, so we wanted to test your knowledge and see how well you remember Season 2. Whether you were directed here via our quiz on Instagram or found this post on your own, keep reading to find out how familiar you are with the goings-on in Gilead. 

Question 1: How did Aunt Lydia attempt to teach the handmaids a lesson?

A. Amputating their ring fingers
B. Mock execution
C. Solitary confinement

The correct answer is Option B, mock execution. Not quite sure why Aunt Lydia thought making 45 handmaids believe they're about to be brutally killed is a effective punishment, but to each her own.

Question 2: In the first episode, what does Offred do to free herself once she escaped?

A. Burn her handmaid uniform
B. Chop her hair off
C. Cut off part of her ear
D. All of the above

Offred did all three of these actitivies once she escaped and prepared to go into hiding---therefore, the answer is Option D, all of the above. If you were wondering why she chose to cut off part of her ear, here’s a hint to jog your memory: There was a tracker in there, and Offred no doubt would have been found if she hadn't gotten rid of it. No option is ideal, but what can a girl do?

Question 3: Whose baby is June pregnant with?

A. Luke
B. Nick

Remember Nick and June’s little rendezvous in Season 1? Well surprise, surprise, June became pregnant with his baby, and they both seemed to be pretty happy about it.

Question 4: True or False: The guardian ceremony was a promotion ceremony.

If you guessed false, you’re correct. It was a mass wedding, and Nick was a part of it. His new young wife was named Eden, and while he wasn't into the marriage, she was 100% ready to make it work.

Question 5: Speaking of weddings, who resisted the wedding in the Colonies?

A. Janine
B. Emily

The correct answer is Option B. Emily didn't want there to be a wedding in the Colonies---because why should there be brightness in a place that’s so bleak and dark?

Question 6: Who was arrested post-terrorist attack in Gilead?

A. Commander Cushing
B. Commander Waterford
C. Commander Pryce

Commander Cushing was arrested for treason and apostasy by forged orders written by Serena. Why? He took over Commander Pryce’s position after C. Pryce was killed in the bombing, and he made Gilead worse than it already was by making security extra tight and performing random executions.

Question 7: What happened to Eden in Season 2, Episode 12?

A. She and Isaac (her lover) were drowned
B. She ran away from Nick to hide with Isaac
C. She got pregnant with Isaac’s baby

Option A. Since Nick loves June, he doesn’t give Eden the attention she deserves. She finds it in Isaac, a Guardian, and they run off together. Obviously it’s noticed and they are both sentenced to death. Nick wants to help Eden get out of it, but Eden loves Isaac and agrees to die with him.

Question 8: Did June finally manage to escape in the season finale?

A. Yes, escaped to Canada with Emily
B. No, she turned back

If you guessed that June stayed, you are correct! Even though she had the opportunity to escape Gilead once and for all with her/Serena’s baby, Nicole, she chose to stay and give the baby to Emily, who was seeking safety in Canada. And with that cliffhanger, the season ends.

The Handmaid's Tale Season 3 premieres with two episodes on Sunday June 9.