Killing Eve

5 Reasons Jodie Comer Is Killing It On Killing Eve

By Amber | Wednesday, 03 April 2019
Nothing against our Canadian crush Sandra Oh, but more people really need to be talking about the amazing job Jodie Comer is doing on Killing Eve. Comer is the brilliant actress behind the Villanelle character—the strawberry blonde assassin who Oh’s Eve Polastri spends all of her time tracking down in the first season of the critically acclaimed series.
Now that the show is primed for an equally salacious Season 2 run, it’s about time we dove deeper into exactly why Comer should get just as much recognition as Oh for her killer role, not to mention her own armful of award nominations.
She Plays Characters Within A Character

While Eve is a straight-shooter, Villanelle is one of the most complex characters we’ve ever seen on television. In almost every episode it feels like we’re peeling back another layer, especially when she goes “undercover” in order to target her next kill.
“That is what I loved about the character, I didn’t feel like there was anyone else like her,” Comer says. “The opportunity to kind of play so many people in one and someone who is so complex is something I was so hungry to do and felt ready to do. It’s something I’ve always had in me.
Her Looks Can Really Kill

Whether she’s making a sad face at someone whose time is up or acting out in an amused fashion at somebody who believes they have the upper hand, we’re completely obsessed with Comer’s facial expressions as Villanelle. Her physicality on-screen demands all of your attention when you watch, maybe because the character herself is so fearless. That’s certainly how Comer plays her, at any rate.
“Playing her has enabled me to be more honest,” she says. “She is so fearless sometimes and maybe too honest, but that’s something I really admire about her and that’s something that has resonated with me.”
People Are Terrified Of Her IRL...

At first glance Comer definitely doesn’t fit the serial killer profile, but take a journey with her and you’ll be scared like so many other fans are. Comer recalls losing her way in an ally on her way to a meeting once and coming across a guy who seemed “reluctant” to help her. He eventually asked if she needed help, but admitted that his “heart fell” when he saw her coming towards him because he had just started binging Killing Eve the night before and thought, “This isn’t happening.”
“I’m always really enamoured by how people feel really guilty for admitting that they like her and support her,” Comer adds. “Everyone who usually says it says it in a whisper.”
...Yet She Still Makes Us Laugh

As scary as Villanelle can be, she’s also endearing because as an audience member we get to see her different emotions. Plus she makes us laugh during some of the most tense scenes possible, and let’s be real: the ability to make people laugh usually translates into people liking you.
“The placement of the humour within the show, the way it undercuts a really serious moment is genius,” Comer explains.
There's No Accent She Can't Perfect

On Killing Eve, Comer nails a French accent, a Russian accent, an American accent and a few others in between So it may come as a total surprise to learn that she’s… wait for it… Liverpudlian. Yup, IRL Comer’s got a thick twang that sounds nothing like her character, which makes her acting skills even more impressive.
Don’t believe us? Have a listen for yourselves.
   Killing Eve returns this Sunday at 8 p.m. ET.