I Am the Night

I Am The Night Recap: Fauna Finally Hangs Out With Her Crazy Father

By Jon | Tuesday, 05 March 2019
Early in the final episode of I Am the Night, Fauna subjects herself to another strange meeting with Corinna Hodel. Typical of their encounters, this quickly turns sour when Corinna spikes Fauna’s drink, causing her to pass out. When Fauna returns to consciousness, she’s in the company of the man that this whole sordid mess revolves around: her biological father/grandfather George Hodel. After Fauna confesses to the time she spent with her biological mother Tamar (Jamie Anne Allman) and journalist Jay Singletary (Chris Pine), George says she must think he’s “Lucifer himself”—which is pretty much accurate.
Moments later, Fauna excuses herself and attempts an escape, but she finds that every conceivable exit is barricaded. After George catches up to her, he shows off his latest art acquisition and they cross paths with Billis (Yul Vazquez), the cop who has proven to be Jay’s nemesis throughout the series. His presence at George’s home suggests an alliance, which may explain why he refuses to help Fauna escape.
As for Jay, you may recall that he was arrested at the conclusion of Episode 5. Still uncomfortably locked away, he is taken from his cell to meet with Billis. While this cop is adamant that Jay has “credibility issues,” he also has growing concerns about George. Hoping Jay will channel his obsession into some violent revenge, he gives this prisoner the key to his handcuffs. While the escape turns out to be a little messy—a cop car crashes and three officers are injured—Jay breaks free and makes his way to the Hodel residence.

Inside the compound, Fauna finds herself sitting for a supremely awkward dinner with her biological father. When she refuses to sip the wine he serves, George decides to abandon dinner and make her pose for one of his paintings. When she resists, he slaps her. Making matters worse, Fauna soon discovers brutal paintings and photos of George’s other victims. If all this wasn’t terrifying enough, he proceeds to quote the Marquis de Sade at length, always a reliable sign of impending danger.
As I Am the Night enters into the home stretch, Jay is still slowly making his way to George’s home and it becomes clear that only one person can save our hero: Fauna herself. Fortunately, it turns out to be less challenging than you might think. After exchanging blows with George, she pounces on his gun and heads for the actual exit, running into Jay on the way out. As a result of this chain of events, both George and Jay go into hiding (for very different reasons) and Fauna achieves new clarity. When she looks in the mirror, she doesn’t recognize herself, but as she explains in a letter to Jay, what she sees is something she chose.