Killing Eve

The Handmaid’s Tale And Killing Eve Are Back, Baby

By Bravo | Monday, 25 February 2019

Ok, so this really isn’t a surprise. But we can still be excited, right?

A new 30-second Handmaid’s Tale trailer, originally released during the Super Bowl, uses audio snippets from Ronald Regan’s famous 1980s “Morning in America” election commercial to give us a sense of what Gilead (and, in turn, The Handmaid’s Tale itself) will be like now that June is “awake”---and urging others to wake up with her.

We’ve got some questions. Does June become a Martha? Is Aunt Lydia still alive? Will June ever find her daughter? Where are Serena and Emily? Whatever happens, at least one thing is crystal clear ---there’s a resistance coming, but resisting a regime as deeply and painfully ingrained in society as the one that existed in Gilead will be anything but easy. On the bright side, we can now officially reveal that The Handmaid’s Tale Season 3 will premiere on Sunday June 9.

As previously announced, breakout drama Killing Eve will return on Sunday April 7 at 8pm ET. In our new Season 2 trailer, which appropriately features a (haunting yet sultry) cover of Robert Palmer’s iconic 1986 single “Addicted to Love,” a disturbed Eve questions whether or not Villanelle survived the pair’s near-fatal encounter from the Season 1 finale---in front of an about-to-be-engaged couple. We’re also gifted with the image of Villanelle walking down an empty street in what appears to be a bright blue pair of pajamas as well as a shot of an unidentified person (likely also Villanelle) wearing a pig mask.

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