I Am the Night

I Am The Night Recap: Fauna And Jay Experience A Violent Happening

By Jon | Thursday, 21 February 2019
The fourth episode of I Am the Night is an especially rough one for Sepp (Dylan Smith), the mysterious man who has been following Fauna since the beginning. In the opening, he incurs the wrath of Dr. George Hodel, who’s annoyed that this goon lost track of Fauna. From there, it only gets worse for Sepp, but we’ll have more on that in a minute.
When we return to journalist Jay Singletary, he’s in a typically discombobulated state, waking up to unsettling visions. Moments later, he receives a phone call from Corinna Hodel, who makes it clear that (a) she knows who he is and (b) she has something to show him. However, before he gets a chance to meet up with Corinna, Fauna finds herself in this mysterious woman’s presence once again. As it turns out, both Fauna and Jay have been invited (separately) to a “happening.” When Fauna notices Jay’s presence, she quickly races in the opposite direction, taking a detour that brings her into contact with Corinna—in a very peculiar situation.
Lying on a slab of cement, Corinna is surrounded by onlookers. After many pairs of scissors are dumped by her side, audience members take turns cutting off pieces of her clothing. Eventually, a pair is handed to Fauna and she approaches Corrina, making awkward eye contact. She chooses not to play a part in the cutting of Corinna’s wardrobe, but she soon finds the two of them in conversation. While enduring Corinna’s muddled definition of “avant-garde,” Fauna manages to steal her address book.
Having now capitalized on the potential of this party, Fauna attempts to leave, only to be violently interrupted by Sepp. Seemingly punishing Fauna for the disapproval of his boss, this thug pulls out a sharp object and threatens a more permanent brand of violence. Before he can follow through on this threat, Jay arrives on the scene, and winds up in violent conflict with Sepp. A few moments later, the blade stabs into its owner, and Jay has a dead body on his hands.
Although Jay is perfectly willing to leave the body there and hit the road, Fauna insists that they dispose of it properly. Once that job is finished, they return to the home of the now-very-drunk Jay. The next morning, he offers some details about Dr. George Hodel’s backstory, but Fauna’s only interest is her biological mother, who she believes is somewhere in Hawaii.
Before this episode comes to a close, Jay finds himself at an art event sponsored by Dr. Hodel. He makes a beeline for Corinna, hoping to get the details she promised over the phone. She turns out to be totally uninterested in conversation and quickly leaves, but this leads Jay to a selection of George’s art that yields the episode’s biggest discovery. As it turns out, the paintings on display all have very direct links to the Black Dahlia case, supporting Jay’s longstanding theory that George played a role in this notorious murder.
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