I Am the Night

I Am The Night Recap: Fauna And Jay Continue Down A Dangerous Path

By Jon | Tuesday, 05 February 2019
After struggling to find a sense of purpose in the first episode of I Am the Night, teenager Fauna Hodel (India Eisley) and journalist Jay Singletary (Chris Pine) spend the second episode pursuing relatively clear objectives. Post-suicide attempt, Singletary has turned his attention to his decade-old investigation of Dr. George Hodel. Meanwhile, Fauna is in Los Angeles, seeking the same man—for very different reasons. George is the biological grandfather who instigated this visit, but he proves elusive. Instead, she has to settle for some quality time with another member of the family: Corrina Hodel (Connie Nielsen).
While Fauna initially believes that Corrina may help bring about a reunion with her long lost mother Tamar, she is quickly informed that this woman is dead. No fan of Fauna’s biological mother, Corrina insists she was a pathological liar who rarely told the truth about anything. She also argues that Tamar destroyed George’s reputation and tore their family apart. Following the shock of this revelation, Corrina takes Fauna out for lunch—and repeatedly scolds this young woman for her perceived lapses in etiquette.

Across town, Singletary tells his editor Peter Sullivan (Leland Orser) that he wants to launch a new investigation into Dr. George Hodel. Knowing the toll the original investigation took on Jay’s life and career, Peter adamantly discourages this pursuit. While Singletary can’t take his mind off the case, he also finds himself researching the “Bloody Romeo” murders, a process that brings him into contact with prostitutes—and drugs. This leads to a night of offscreen heroin use that culminates in a crucial realization, sending Jay deeper into the orbit of Fauna and the Hodel family.
This transpires right around the time that Fauna’s disappointing time with the Hodels spirals out of control. After Corrina leaves her to inspect the family art collection, Fauna notices the mysterious man she encountered on the road to Los Angeles. Whether she realizes this is her grandfather or not, she flees from the scene. At the same moment, Singletary rapidly approaches the residence, but Corrina leads Fauna away before their paths collide.

Preferring not to drive Fauna back to the neighbourhood where she’s staying, Corrina chooses to drop her at a bus stop. However, before they go their separate ways, Corrina reiterates her disdain for Tamar, adding that her lies included the identity of Fauna’s father. Although the teenager believes her father was black, Corrina says this was yet another one of Tamar’s lies, insisting that the teenager’s real father was a French ballet dancer. Arguing that “you can’t lie on a birth certificate,” Fauna is visibly rattled by this claim. After a day of shocking (and unreliable) revelations, she happily parts ways with Corrina, but not before giving this woman a charming new nickname: “racist old cow.”
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