I Am the Night

I Am The Night Recap: Fauna And Jay’s Worlds Collide

By Jon | Tuesday, 12 February 2019
Early in the third episode of I Am the Night, Jay once again finds himself suffering abuse at the hand of a cop. While he insists he’s a journalist doing legitimate work, the cop clearly has an axe to grind. Thanks to the intervention of an old army buddy, Jay gets to leave before the abuse gets out of hand. From there, he checks in with his editor Peter, who continues discouraging Jay’s renewed interest in Dr. George Hodel. Due to Jay’s evident self-destructive streak, Peter once again has no impact, and the search for clues continues.

Meanwhile, Fauna is still processing the unreliable info she gathered in Episode 2. Is her mother really dead? Is everyone in Los Angeles crazy? Who knows, but one thing is clear: Fauna believes her biological mother is still alive, and she goes looking for her. In the process, she encounters photos of George and finds herself pursued (yet again) by Sepp (Dylan Smith), her grandfather’s artist henchman.

While fleeing from the house, Fauna unintentionally stumbles into the meeting we’ve been waiting for since the beginning: her first interaction with Jay. He drives up next to her and asks if she’s related to Tamar Hodel, one of the subjects of his latest investigation. Not sure who this guy is or what he’s all about, she tries to get away, but she’s eventually forced to choose between Jay and Sepp—and she wisely chooses Jay.
Unfortunately for Jay, Fauna proves to be a remarkably poor source, providing him with almost no usable information, except her contention that Tamar is still alive. For whatever reason, this interaction seems to push Jay in two very different interactions: he tries to enlist to serve in the Vietnam War (he’s too old) and he buys a trashy tabloid with coverage of the Black Dahlia case.

As this episode winds down, Fauna gets some worrisome news: an acquaintance/suitor named Nero (Astro) has been brutally murdered—and she believes she’s also in danger. In an effort to learn more about George Hodel, she calls Jimmy, but rather than answer Fauna’s questions, her adopted mother says she’s coming to Los Angeles.
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