I Am the Night

I Am The Night Recap: Fauna And Jay’s Disturbing Hawaiian Getaway

By Jon | Tuesday, 26 February 2019
As the fifth episode of I Am the Night gets underway, Jay finally gets some much-needed support from his editor Peter, who agrees to subsidize a research trip to Hawaii. Jay will be joined by Fauna---only if she can escape her volatile adopted mother Jimmy Lee. When Jay stops by with the plane tickets, Fauna’s mother promptly rips them in half and pulls a knife on her visitor. Fortunately, Fauna has no trouble jumping out a window—and her Hawaiian mission is underway.
While Fauna’s plan to track down her biological mother Tamar (Jamie Anne Allman) may seem doomed to failure, they meet shortly after her arrival. Like most of Fauna’s meetings with long-lost family members, this encounter turns out to be equal parts disappointing and shocking. For one, Tamar confirms that Fauna’s father was not black, supporting recent revelations that threw her racial identity into disarray. Making matters significantly worse, Tamar reveals that Fauna’s grandfather, Dr. Hodel, is also her father.

When Fauna next encounters Jay, she expresses outrage that he kept this secret from her—and reveals that she now hates him. This prompts Jay to pay Tamar a visit of his own. After making it clear that he has always believed her story, Jay encourages Tamar to reveal more. She is reluctant, however, as she has reason to believe that “the universe protects George.” As she sees it, the city and the police department have been intentionally suppressing a very damning secret: George is the Black Dahlia killer.
After arriving back in town, Jay makes arrangements to meet with his editor, who insists that Fauna attend this meeting. Stubborn as always, Jay shows up alone, determined to communicate his latest discoveries about George. Unfortunately, it turns out Peter is part of the elaborate cover-up. Before long, several cops arrive on the scene with their guns drawn. They cuff Jay and he finds himself locked behind bars yet again.

As for Fauna, she calls her adopted mother and tries to patch things up. But after the call concludes, we discover that Jimmy Lee has a very unwelcome guest: George. Visibly annoyed that his “protégée” Sepp was recently murdered (by Jay, not Jimmy Lee), he pulls a knife and lets his violent streak emerge. A visitor comes to the door, giving Jimmy Lee a brief glimmer of hope—and then she is stabbed repeatedly, concluding this episode on a particularly grim note.
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