Killing Eve

5 Things We Learned From Killing Eve's TCA Panel

By Sara | Monday, 11 February 2019

We still have two long, agonizing months to go until Killing Eve graces our television screens once again. In the lead-up to the highly anticipated second season, however, series stars Sandra Oh (Eve Polastri), Jodie Comer (Villanelle) and new showrunner Emerald Fennell (taking over for Season 1 showrunner and creator Phoebe Waller-Bridge) have been dropping just enough shiny nuggets of information to keep us going. Many of those nuggets were dropped during the Killing Eve Television Critics Association panel this past weekend. And because we know you’re busy living your lives, we summarized those nuggets into five neat little points---Season 1 spoilers ahead.

1. Villanelle Is Forced To Wear The Unthinkable


If someone stabs you (especially if that someone is a person with whom you have an extremely complicated, love-hate relationship), you’re bound to be a little disoriented. That’s exactly what happens to the fashion-loving Villanelle, who early in the season, who wears “a very specific set of pajamas” and possibly “a pair of Crocs.” Shudder.

2. The Show Will Travel To A Few New Locations


Eve executive producer Sally Woodward Gentle hinted that the show will travel to Rome, Paris, and Holland in Season 2. Fancy.

3. Eve’s Chasing Down A Brand-New Assassin


Don’t worry, Villanelle’s not going anywhere. But apparently Eve can sense that there’s yet another female assassin on the loose. As Fennell pointed out during the panel, this new target will give viewers a chance to find out if Eve “is an assassin expert” or “a Villanelle expert?” With any luck, Eve’s sixth sense could even convince Carolyn (Fiona Shaw) to give Eve her job back.

4. We’re Getting A Few New Characters


Henry Lloyd-Hughes (Anna Karenina), Shannon Tarbet (Genius), Nina Sosanya (Doctor Who), Edward Bluemel (Sex Education) and Julian Barratt (The Mighty Boosh) will all join Killing Eve for Season 2. Will they survive long enough to make it to Season 3?

5. Killing Eve’s Got Powerful Women In Front Of And Behind The Camera


Ok, so this one was already kind of obvious. But feast your eyes of this quote from Fennell: "I think as women, as actors, writers, directors, or producers, we're used to being the cement, and men are the bricks. So we fill in the cracks, we take up the space that we have and try to make it work. But on this show we're the bricks." Preach.

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