6 Things You Need To Know About Gold Digger

By Jon | Friday, 15 November 2019
Most people are reasonable enough to support any romance between two consenting adults, but there’s still widespread uneasiness around age gaps in relationships, particularly when the older party is a woman and the younger party is a man. This is a complex issue worthy of closer scrutiny—and that’s exactly what it gets in Gold Digger, a new drama series starring Julia Ormond as Julia Day, a 60-year-old divorcee who finds herself in a romance with Benjamin Greene (Ben Barnes), a man decades her junior. This series offers an abundance of intrigue and surprise, but it never hurts to get your bearings beforehand. With that in mind, here are six things you need to know about this six-part series.
It understands women


Gold Digger writer Marnie Dickens is significantly younger than her female protagonist, but she had no trouble getting inside the mind of a middle-aged woman. “I wanted to look at what it means for a woman when she drops off the desirability scale for the rest of society,” she told The Guardian. “You haven’t actually gone away, it’s just that people stop looking. The key to Gold Digger is that Benjamin sees Julia. That’s such a big thing because her ex-husband has only seen her in terms of the marriage they made, and her kids can’t understand her as a sexual being.”
Julia Ormond was happy to play 60


Although Julia Ormond is only 54 in real life, she was happy to play an older character, particularly after years of emphasizing her youth onscreen. “When I started out as an actress, the cinematographer would set everything up so that you looked as beautiful as possible,” she recently explained. “For me, it was important to play a woman who is realistically 60. It is quite liberating.”
Gold Digger is a departure for Barnes


Ben Barnes is known for playing Logan Delos in Westworld, but Gold Digger forced him to actively ignore his American genre roles and return to his more down-to-earth British roots. “I was actually quite anxious about it,” he told Digital Spy. “I was worried it would leave me feeling a bit vulnerable about how to start because I think, you know, when you’re playing a cocky American cowboy, you sort of develop a voice, and you develop a walk, and the costume makes you feel in a completely different way. But whereas with this, it was almost a bit more, ‘Well, I have to look at me,’ you know… because there’s no accent, there’s no silly walk, there's no outrageous coat.”
The sex scenes were nerve-racking


In spite of her enthusiasm about playing an older woman, Ormond wasn’t entirely comfortable shooting sex scenes with her younger co-star. “I was really scared about the intimacy scenes,” she said. “Ben was much more comfortable. I told them they should find someone balding or maybe with a pot belly. Then they cast Ben and I said, ‘What are you guys thinking?’” She eventually managed to find her way through the experience—with the help of an unlikely analogy. “It’s a bit like mountaineering in that you can’t believe you are going to do it before it happens, and after it happens you’re like, ‘I did that!’ Also like mountaineering, it’s fine as long as you don’t look down!”
Ormond and Barnes went on fake dates to real pubs


In order to achieve the intimacy required in Gold Digger, Barnes and Ormond took the most direct route to inhibition: alcohol. “We spent time on little dates, going to English country pubs and chatting about the world and the story,” Barnes told The Daily Mail. “It certainly helps forcing the closeness when you have so many scenes together of that loving, intimate nature.”
Ormond tapped into personal experience


While Julia Ormond has wisely chosen not to divulge details of the age gaps in her own love life, these experiences gave her a better understanding of Gold Digger. “I’ve had my own experiences of age gaps in relationships that I drew upon, although I’m not going to go into details on that! But I remember thinking that if we got the tone right, the audience should be rooting for this relationship, while also feeling that something doesn’t quite add up.” rundown

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