5 Things To Remember Ahead Of The Premiere Of Carter’s Second Season

By Corrina | Tuesday, 22 October 2019
They say you can’t go home again, but CTV Drama series Carter begs to disagree. The show’s debut season saw Harley Carter (star Jerry O’Connell) do just that: after an epic (read: very public) flame-out while on the job in Hollywood, O’Connell’s character, a big-time actor, heads home to Canada to clear his head and figure out what to do post-implosion. And while he isn’t a real detective, he famously plays one on TV... and the people in his hometown can’t quite seem to separate fact from that particular fiction. To be fair, it doesn’t help that a teenage Harley Carter once solved an actual mystery and is a bit of a local legend because of it. Season 1 saw Harley team up with some of his old hometown buddies to become an unofficial investigator of the town’s unsolved mysteries (both big and small). Here are five clues to help prepare you for Season 2. 
Jerry O’Connell was nominated for a Canadian Screen Award for his first season on the show


The actor was pretty psyched to hang out with his north-of-the-border contemporaries in Canadian TV at the awards ceremony last spring: “To get to party with like, all the Workin’ Moms people, to see the Schitt’s Creek people, to see Billy Campbell over there, working on that Cardinal,” said O’Connell in an interview with CTV, “it’s just a fun community to be a part of.”
The show takes place in a town familiar to many Canadians


Both the first and the upcoming second season of Carter are shot in North Bay, Ontario. “It’s got sort of a small-town feel to it, and I felt like I was coming home. It’s really cute,” O’Connell said. “It’s fun to rep the town that we work in in North Bay.”
Carter features not one, but TWO actors from other Canadian TV shows we love


Orphan Black’s Kristian Bruun and Wynonna Earp’s Varun Saranga both have roles in the series. Bruun plays Carter’s childhood pal, Dave (the guy who’s always ready with a sharp one-liner and a hot coffee) and Saranga plays Vijay Gill, a junior talent agent trying to get Carter to return to the biz (sort of). 
The writers take ‘meta’ to a whole new level


Not only is actor Jerry O’Connell playing an actor who plays a cop who then comes home to become a semi-official cop (‘consultant’ is what the local police department calls it), but the show is in itself a comment on police procedurals, their formulas, and their cliches.
The series comes full circle in the Season 1 finale


You’ll find no spoilers here, but we will say that Harley and friend/actual detective Sam (Sydney Poitier Heartsong) reopen the case that made Carter hometown-famous all those years ago. And the evidence they dig up is pretty shocking.
Carter returns to CTV Drama Channel with two back-to-back episodes Friday at 9/6p. Check out the Season 2 trailer here