Carter Will Return To Bishop For Season 2

By Sara | Wednesday, 23 January 2019
You can take the man out of the small town, but you can’t take the small town out of the man.  
As announced this morning in Playback, Carter is officially coming back for a second season after a successful first season run. Core cast members Jerry O’Connell (the titular Harley Carter), Sydney Poitier Heartsong (Detective Sam Shaw) and Canadian actor Kristian Bruun (Dave Leigh) will also return, guaranteeing another season filled with mystery, laughs, and lakeside beer drinking.
Andy Berman (Psych, Rosewood) joins Carter as showrunner and executive producer for Season 2, which returns to North Bay to start production this spring. Series creator Garry Campbell (Kids in The Hall, MADtv) will return as an executive producer and writer.
In case you don’t know, Carter follows Hollywood actor-turned amateur sleuth Harley Carter on his quest to become a real detective after years of making a living as a fake TV detective. In Season 2, Carter’s adventures will continue as he finds work as a celebrity private eye and gets involved in a love triangle with Sam and her new boss.
Keep checking back for an official Season 2 premiere date.