Killing Eve

Killing Eve Recap: What Are Eve And Villanelle Doing In A Violent Russian Prison?

By Jon | Friday, 19 October 2018

In last week’s episode of Killing Eve, Villanelle learned that one of her recent victims, Nadia (Olivia Ross), is alive and well and living in a Russian prison. As episode six begins, Konstantin gives her a new identity and sends her undercover to finish the job. Of course, within minutes of arriving, the always-mischievous Villanelle is beating guards and giving them reasons to beat her back.

Back in the London office, Carolyn tells Eve that Nadia is a crucial witness who could play an important role in exposing “The Twelve.” With that hope in mind, they pack their bags and head to Russia. Once they arrive in Moscow, Eve begins to suspect—correctly, it turns out—that Carolyn has a thing for their Russian contact Vladimir (Laurence Possa).


During their first meeting, audience alarm bells go off when Vlad brings a special guest: Konstantin. After Carolyn and Eve express their interest in Nadia, a prison interview is set up, but (a) it will be recorded by the Russians and (b) Konstantin will be in the next room following along. This doesn’t turn out to be a deal breaker, but when Nadia starts sharing information about her employer and her recent trip to England—in exchange for protection from the British—Konstantin makes his presence known and she abruptly changes the subject.

When Carolyn and Eve ask Vladimir if Nadia can be brought to the UK for further questioning, he immediately declines. However, Eve boldly sets up a follow-up meeting on a bridge, where she elaborates on the case—without Carolyn present. Vlad remains uninterested, but he becomes more attentive when Eve says, “I know it wasn’t you who told Carolyn about the plutonium.”

With her fate still hanging in the balance Nadia struggles to get by in prison, but she’s facing a terminal threat in Villanelle, who’s locked up for one reason and one reason only—to kill Nadia.


After her initial clashes with guards, Villanelle befriends an unhinged, unpredictable inmate who might be able to assist with her plot. However, this woman winds up taking Villanelle’s knife and attracting the interest of guards. Before long, two guards are down and Villanelle is weaving through the prison unaccompanied with her weapon.

Villanelle eventually finds her way inside Nadia’s cell, but it’s empty. When we later see Nadia return, she immediately starts writing an urgent message in a notebook, only to discover a visitor emerging from under her bed. Villanelle makes it clear why she’s there and explains that nothing Nadia can say will stop this. They briefly discuss Eve, Nadia manages to slip her note under the door, and Villanelle completes her dirty work. In the wake of her latest murder, she braces for release… but it seems there’s been a change of plan.