Killing Eve

Killing Eve Recap: Eve And Villanelle Get Violent (And Intimate)

By Jon | Friday, 19 October 2018

As last week’s episode of Killing Eve came to a close, Villanelle was busy trying to make the show’s title come true. At the beginning of this week’s episode, Eve seems to be escaping her attacker. But her inner crazy obsessive stops the car, gets out, and approaches Villanelle—much to the chagrin of her terrified passengers Elena and Frank. In spite of this golden opportunity to kill, Villanelle inexplicably spares her chief adversary. In fact, she briefly places the gun under her own chin, causing Eve to intervene, loudly shouting “No!”

In a response to a warning shot, Eve decides to be on her way. Once they are a safe distance away, Eve starts asking Frank the tough questions. From the comfort of a safe house, he claims he’s not such a bad guy and attributes his poor decisions to his wife’s ill health. Unsatisfied with the details they’re able to obtain, Carolyn tries an unusual strategy—embracing Frank and letting him cry on her shoulder—which successfully extracts a key piece of information: there is a secret organization know as “The Twelve” that is using Villanelle to cause instability all over the world.


Not long after this conversation, Eve shows more signs of her unhealthy obsession with Villanelle. While sitting in a bus shelter, she goes into a trance and spontaneously smashes the glass. Later that night, she gets a perfect opportunity to dig deeper into this preoccupation when Villanelle shows up at her home and chases her up the stairs. Although this leads to choking and some bathtub wrestling, Villanelle ultimately makes it clear that she’s not there to hurt Eve.

So what exactly is Villanelle doing in Eve’s home? With this lunatic, it’s always difficult to distinguish between reality and performance, and this situation is no different. She punctuates assorted knifeplay with flattery and even a cry for help. From a self-preservation perspective, Eve has every reason to go along with whatever Villanelle has to say, but she nonetheless calls “bullsh*t” on this sudden wave of conscience and calls her a psychopath—while also conceding that she’s “an extraordinary person.”


At this point, you’d have good reason to be perplexed by this unusual dynamic, but it doesn’t stop there. Before long, Villanelle’s holding a knife to Eve’s neck and kissing her. Even while facing the threat of imminent (if conflicted) violence, Eve makes a bold promise: “I am going to find the thing you care about and I am going to kill it.” Moments later, Eve’s husband arrives home and Villanelle makes her exit—but not before snagging Eve’s phone and password.

Thanks to the details found on this phone, Villanelle is able to find Frank, who begs for his life and insists that he has children. Proving herself to be an optimist of sorts, Villanelle suggests that Frank’s impending death will give his kids something to bond over. While she gives him every reason to believe he will die in a state of sexual pleasure, this episode leaves Frank’s final moments to the viewer’s imagination.