Killing Eve

Killing Eve Recap: Eve And Bill Get Dangerously Close To Villanelle

By Jon | Friday, 19 October 2018

At the conclusion of Killing Eve’s second episode, Eve and Villanelle achieved newfound clarity about one another. In Episode 3, they find themselves in uncomfortably close proximity to one another for the first time since their encounter in the series premiere.

But before Eve arrives in Berlin, we see Villanelle working in a BDSM brothel disguised as a medical clinic. Chinese colonel Zhang Wu (Simon Chin) goes looking for painful pleasure. But our resident assassin denies him the pleasure part, giving him death instead.


Eve learns of this murder before long, but that’s not all her colleagues have discovered about this incident. As it turns out, when Villanelle started her first (and only) day at the “clinic,” the name she gave them was Eve Polastri. With Eve on her way to Berlin for further investigation, there are plenty of reasons to fear for her safety.

Rather than travel alone, Eve is joined by her longtime colleague Bill, giving this character extra screen time and an opportunity to flesh out his backstory. For one, we discover that he has a baby daughter. We also learn that the baby’s mother and Bill are engaged in a marriage of convenience, one that distracts from the hundreds of men he has seduced over the years.


Speaking of same sex attraction, Villanelle finds herself getting intimate with a woman (Susie Trayling) during a break from her primary pursuit (murder), and she insists that this woman refer to her as Eve. Her newfound preoccupation with Eve doesn’t stop there. Villanelle also follows her rival around Berlin, spying from a safe distance and even stealing her suitcase.

Meanwhile, Eve establishes contact with a Chinese attaché (Lobo Chan) who may be able to reveal crucial details about Zhang Wu and the reasons for his murder. While this man is initially secretive, he eventually agrees to meet Eve for dinner. Eve separates from Bill on the way to this appointment, but he catches Villanelle watching his partner and stops her from boarding the subway.


As Villanelle flees, Bill follows. Eventually, he finds himself searching for her at a nightclub and he calls Eve to share these details. Busy with the aforementioned intelligence-gathering dinner, Eve misses the call. But when she discovers what’s happening, she races to the night club and makes a shocking discovery: Villanelle’s latest victim is Bill.